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Artist Requirements


Opening Reception

Promotion and Advertising
Participating artist(s) are required to provide information to include on the CoronadoARTS.com CAC Artist Directory. Local citywide promotion PR to be provided by CAC to local media outlets, CAC website, CAC Arts Partners and social media.  Exhibiting artist(s) are strongly encouraged to market to outside outlets, family, friends and client lists to publicize and promote the exhibit and Opening Reception.  CAC will provide printed and electronic postcards and/or brochures for the opening reception and ongoing exhibit. Artist is strongly encouraged to disseminate the information by mail, email and social media.

CAC will provide standard gallery callouts for each selected artwork and can include the following information:  title, medium, year, artist name, price or NSF, contact information and website.

For additional information please contact: 
Contract Arts Administrator
City of Coronado
619.341.0137 (direct cell)
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